Tenlift Fishing Finger Guard
Tenlift Fishing Finger Guard

Tenlift Fishing Finger Guard

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Tenlift Fishing Finger Guard is a 2-in-1 finger guard and fly-line cleaner. Perfect for large saltwater fishing trips where the line is being taken off the reel at high speed!  It keeps your line clean while you fish and eliminates unwanted line abrasions. Made with durable neoprene and felt, Alpine Finger Guard is built to take the bite out of your fly-line, by protecting your fingers while cleaning your line as you fish. Felt pads can be pre-moistened with floating or line conditioner as needed to improve line cast-ability.

  • Medium Stripee will Fit 2.5″- 2.75″ middle and index finger diameter. Any length finger
  • Large Stripee will Fit 3.0″- 3.25″ middle or index finger diameter. Any length finger
  • X-Large Stripee will Fit 3.25″- 3.50″ middle or index finger diameter. Any length finger

As all avid fly-fishermen will know, your day’s success depends on your line’s condition.  For the perfect drift of your floating line or the fast-sinking action of your sinking line, it is of the utmost importance that your fly line is in peak condition.

Using the Tenlift Stripee Flyline Cleaner will optimize your cast and ensure perfect accuracy every time!

Due to constant and continuous fishing, your fly line will have built-up grit and grime residue, not only from handling it but also because rivers are dirty.   Before you know it, your line is not performing as it should.

Tenlift Stripee Flyline Cleaner will have your fly line looking and feeling brand new, in no time. You will feel the line running smoothly through the eyelids of your rod and your fingers.  It is fisherman’s heaven! This magical spray will also add to the durability and life expectancy of your line.

Protect your fingers

Apart from the perfect line, it is also vital to protect those magical fingers, for what is a fly fisherman without fingers to cast?  Made from neoprene, a synthetic rubber, the Stripee Finger Guard will protect your fingers when a fish takes your line and runs with it!

The felt pads on the finger guard aids with the fast stripping process and the subtle jerks and twitches of retrieving your fly.

Indeed, the most crucial role of the fingerguards is to ensure the perfect glide, and the smoothest retrieve imaginable.  You can even add the line cleaner on the felt pads, thus cleaning and retrieving simultaneously.

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